1998 About to Begin

  • Another year is about to begin.
    • Each moment will be precious.
  • Each a precious jewel to be
    • Anticipated, enjoyed fully,
    • And kindly remembered.
  • If a new year is about to begin
    • An old one is slipping away into the night.
  • I have a drawer full of 1997 precious stones.
    • Many different colors and kinds.
  • Each stone too precious
    • To trade or sell.
  • Each stone represents
    • Success or failure,
    • Pleasure or pain,
    • Boredom to chaos.
  • Each remembered individually
    • And as a collection
  • That is 1997.

Originally written:   12/31/1997

  • As the years go by 1997 is a wine that purifies and matures with age.  The bad memories fade into the blankness of  years gone by.  Each memory matures with age just as fine wine becomes more palatable and complex.   The memories gradually transform themselves to become our new Camelot.  
  • Ah, yes.  I remember 1997.  I remember it well.

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