Sitting Quietly Together

  • We sit together quietly,
    • Sharing closeness and silence.
  • Concentrating on our own thoughts
    • And ideas.
  • Working intently separately
    • Yet together.
  • Let one of us leave the room
    • The absence is noted.
  • There is something shared
    • In the silence
    • And physical presence.
  • It is tangible
    • In how it impacts
    • Our thoughts and feelings.
  • Good-bye Jake.

Originally written:  January 23, 1998

  • Have you ever felt someone enter a room without seeing them enter?    Have you ever felt the room get warmer or colder when someone left the room you are in.  It happens to me. I hope it happens to others.   I feel it when a loved one enters the room out of my eyesight.   I feel something on the back of neck or hear, but not hear something, if that is possible.  Yet some way not understood I know.   
  • I know some people can see the aura  or color surrounding a human.  I take this as evidence there is something beyond the physical that can be sensed and/or felt with the presence of another in the same locale.  
  • Is that you, Jake?  Hello!

4 responses to “Sitting Quietly Together

  1. I too believe that there is an engergy that surrounds us that we can feel. Those that I love I have an understanding that is not always in words. Your imagery remains me to feel. Thanks be well

  2. Silence is as beautiful-perhaps even more beautiful-a thing to share as words. Families, I think, especially can feel this, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, parents and children, who have formed deep bonds through shared experience.

  3. Melody J Haislip

    Frank, your writing is full of beauty and nuance and quiet passion. I’m going to subscribe to your blog so I’ll be reminded to read it. I want to be as good as you are when I grow up. 🙂

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