Memories Flooding My Mind

  • Memories are flooding my mind.
    • Memories of my youth.
  • Walking in and on the snow.
    • Hearing it crackle – crackle underfoot.
    • Feeling the cold air sting my lungs.
    • Seeing my breath in a cloud of white mist.
  • Walking to and from school.
    • Holding hands and leaning
    • Into the wind and snow.
  • Riding a bicycle through the water puddles.
    • Walking along an abandoned railway spur.
    • Walking the rail across a railway bridge.
  • Dew from the grass brushing off on my shoes and pants.
    • Dew drops from trees overhead falling and
    • Striking my hat, hands and face.
  • Walking through the pine forest.
    • Hearing the “Whishing” of the wind
    • Through the pine branches provide
    • A deep calming influence on my mind.
  • Smelling the scent of pine
    • As pine needles are crushed
    • Beneath my footsteps.
  • Walking still through the hardwood forest.
    • Beneath the branches and leaves
    • Seeing the beautiful outdoor cathedral.
  • Feeling the peace and tranquility
    • As the light shifts
    • From pale green to red-orange of fall.
  • Sit by a stream, on a bridge or a rock.
    • Listening to the gurgle, gurgle even a swish or two.
    • As the water and wind make music together.
  • Memories, just memories.

Originally written:  February 11, 1998

  • The  memories of walking in the forests surrounding the village of Ahmeek  come visiting often.    There was a swimming hole on the Gratiot River that was a mile or so off the road down an old railway.  The tracks have been pulled up,  brush and trees have grown up along the right of way.  We just followed a well beaten trail way back  into the woods.  The trestle was long gone where the Gratiot River cut across the train way.  We left the old railway line and followed the stream amongst the huge oak trees.   The trees provided a canopy of shade on a hot day.   The tree limb over the river.served as the place to attach a thick rope swing on.  
  • We hung our clothes on the branches and jumped in the stream where it curved and had created a deep hole.    There were native German Brown Trout in the stream.   We used to dive in and chase them in the mistaken dream of catching one.  When the sun began to set the color of leaves changed color to let  us know it was time to hike back out.  No one had a flashlight to find our way out in the dark.    Yet, it was okay to light a fire  and stay overnight.  The nights were brisk, but the fire provided the warmth needed to stay overnight without blankets or sleeping bags.  In the morning we picked berries and ate choke cherries. There were patches of wild strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, and thimble berries.  There were wild apple trees along the way.    The early miners brought apple and cherry trees into the area and planted them outside their houses.  So there was always some kind of food available.  
  • This was in a different time and environment when it was ok for kids seven, eight and nine to spend all day out in the woods and even overnight.  It was a special time.  Today we worry when our children are out of sight.   Children no longer have the freedom to do these kind of things.    I think it is sad.  They are missing out on these kind of learning experiences. 

One response to “Memories Flooding My Mind

  1. Times sure our different, that’s for sure…..I miss those long days in the woods when parents only worried if we weren’t home for dinner.

    My favorite part
    Seeing the beautiful outdoor cathedral.

    Lovely Frank.

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