A Couples Day

  • Today is a couples day.
    • The other days of the year
      • Are different.
    • They are your day or my day.
    • You give, I receive.
    • I give, you receive.
  • Today is a couples day.
    • The day of sharing.
    • You with me.
    • I with you.
    • Celebrating us.
  • Today is a couples day.
    • Memories made.
    • Memories celebrated.
    • With us and/or not with us.
    • A couples day.

Originally written:  February 14, 1998

  • This poem was written in celebration of Valentines Day.  It is a lovers day. It is a day romance is celebrated.  It is a day for a lover to say “I love you!”  It is a day that we hope our latest romance will have a forever happy ending.
  • I send my wish and hope to all lovers that they will experience a forever happy ending.

2 responses to “A Couples Day

  1. Beautifully worded and with real sentiment behind every line. So many write with a falseness about the subject of romance but with you I get the feeling you have trully lived it. Keep up the great work Frank.

  2. Frank, you really captured the spirit of the holiday. LOVE it. I will need to read this to my husband, by a “favorite poet”. He’ll never guess the poet is also a blogger friend…

    Take care. Back another day.

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