Ker-thump Ker-thump

When we are apart
My heart beats differently.
Ker-thump. Ker-thump.

There is an emptiness,
Lifelessness to the beat.
Ker-thump. Ker-thump.

There is a hollow sound
That reaches my ears.
Ker-thump. Ker-thump.

Ker-thump. Ker-thump.
Ker-thump. Ker-thump
Reaches my soul.

Calling out, crying out
To be reunited.
Ker-thump. Ker-thump.

Minutes, hours, days,
Even months or years.
Ker-thump. Ker-thump.

Longing prolonged
And not satisfied
Ker-thump. Ker-thump.

Then the moment
Seeing and holding you.
Thump, thump, ker-thump.

United at last for minutes, hours, days,
Even forever. 
Thump. Thump. Ker-thump.
Originally written:  February 14, 1998

When a loved one is absent, I found my heart had a hole in it.  It felt empty.  As time went by the feelings did not change or lessen.  The moment of returning brings a change, a quickening.  The anticipation changes my physiology.  Minutes take longer to go by.   Then, at the first glimpse of your face, time seems to slow down as each detail is memorized and branded into my memory.  The distance between our two halves closes quickly.   Eyes brimming, hands outstretched then, holding on without words at first. Then a sigh and a quiet “Hi!”   Arms reach out and drawing the other half closer for a kiss of welcome home.   The joining postponed for a later intimate moment.   There is the beginning of a calming within.

4 responses to “Ker-thump Ker-thump

  1. No the feeling Frank, keep the great words coming my friend.

  2. Hooked on a feeling. There is no better embrace than one of someone you love to fill you with peace, comfort and home.

    Beautiful Frank!

  3. Melody J Haislip

    I’m sitting here with thoughts of Roberta Flack’s beautiful, “Killing Me Softly” running through my head.

    You are a wonderful writer, Frank!

  4. They say, “Two hearts make a heart, not one.”

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