Love Stress

  • Love of a loved one
    • Can be, will be stressful.
    • Draw a deep breath.
  • Spread you hands palm up
    • Lift them up offering
    • The stress as your sacrifice.
  • It is loving, not advising,
    • Nor controlling
    • That is the important gift.
  • Offering the stress
    • Is making it a second gift.


Originally written: February 21, 1998

  • In any relationship there is stress.  There are moments for each partner in a relationship when anxiety enters daily life.  Yet, together they have committed to move forward towards a goal.  They share the anxiety and the pain.  The act of offering up the suffering is relief.  If  the offering is performed together cements the relationship even further.
  • This is not meant to condone or recommend in any way abusive behavior.  Abusive behavior needs to be dealt with, escaped from, or eliminated.   It takes courage and even stealth.   To stay in an abusive situation is to be a slave. 

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