Have You Taken Time?

  • Have you taken the time
    • To lie on your back
    • And watch the clouds?
  • To daydream of what
    • Shapes the clouds make.
      • To imagine a face
      • In the clouds of someone dear.
    • These are special moments.
      • They are not replaceable.
    • The real world recedes
      • And a personal one is revealed.
  • It is your world.
    • It awaits you.
  • I visit mine often.
    • It beckons to come back regularly.
  • I am refreshed and relaxed
    • By the minutes spent watching,
    • Imagining, and daydreaming.
  • Ideas are formed and transformed.


Originally written:  March 3, 1998

  • Watching clouds is more than a pastime with me.  I love to watch white and fluffy clouds, very high almost transparent, the spectacular multi-colored sunsets and sunrises.  I even stand outside to watch the storm clouds and lightning. 
  • The images and shapes are unlimited.  The stories they have told me would make wonderful movies.  Actually, the clouds were movies of ethereal dimensions. I have seen whales and sea-serpents.  I have seen everything from giants to leprechauns and all things in between.  I have seen Charlie Chaplin. and even Mickey Mouse.  The images are limited only by my imagination.
  • Have you taken time to just watch the clouds in the sky?     What  have you seen?

2 responses to “Have You Taken Time?

  1. I’m an avid sky watcher. Clouds and the sky figure in many of my aphorisms. They’re a constant source of wonders.

  2. When I get an email telling me that you have a new broadcast it always brings a smile to my face and raises my expectations of what it will be like and this posting when I read it as always did not fall short but rather exceeded my expectations by a country mile. Keep up the great writing my friend.

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