My Indiana Home

  • As I turn the key in the door
    • My muscles relax.
    • Stress of travel,
    • Business, everything.
    • Leaves my mind.
  • As I sit by the window
    • Looking into the sunset,
    • Light and life flow
    • Back into my soul.
  • I find I have missed
    • This home more than
    • I let myself think I did.
  • There is new life in
    • Peace and tranquility.
    • I would not recognize it
    • Without an occasional
    • Trip to my Indiana home.
  • Ordinarily, I rush here and there,
    • Concentrating on the present.
    • Fixing this or that.
    • Helping him or her.
    • Peace and tranquility lost
    • In the chaos of living.
  • Yet, when I turn the key in the door
    • All stress sheds like rain water
    • From my hat brim
    • Dripping down my backbone.
    • Cold water washing away all the stress.


Originally written:   March 8, 1998

  • If I would think of a Camelot in my life I would select the little house just south of Warsaw, Indiana on the East end of Goose Lake.   A lake filled with blue gills, bass, and  more blue gills.
  • I remember taking the neighbor a jar of homemade thimble berry  jam the morning after we arrived.  He was a retired plumber and loved to fish each morning and evening.  We told each stories and laughed a lot.  His wife had taken the jam inside and appeared a little while later with a platter covered in aluminum foil.  She gave it to me with thanks for the jam and said I needed to go home and try the fish before they got cold.  Away I went and  put it on the breakfast table along with the eggs and bacon my wife prepared for us. I ate my eggs. bacon and toast with glee.  I turned to the deep-fried battered blue gills and I found there was only one of six left.  My dear wife had this wonderful sheepish grin on her face and her breakfast plate of eggs was untouched.   I realized with chagrin I was out foxed. I chuckled. No, I laughed. 
  • Warsaw, Indiana is a special place where you go for a haircut and the barber or the grocery clerk welcomes you by first name.  It was one of those friendly places we rarely find.  On Sunday, visiting one of the local churches you are welcomed by name with a friendly smile.  It does not matter whether you are Methodist, Lutheran, or Catholic the church members are the same friendly folk.  I felt a part of the community, not a frequent visitor with a house on a nearby lake. The people of Warsaw are to be praised and congratulated on their inclusiveness.  Natives who have had to move away are proud to say they are from Warsaw, Indiana.
  • This was reminiscing on a home my wife inherited from her mother.  We kept it for a number of years and then sold it on the spur of the moment.  We do not regret selling it to a friend.  It is well cared for. 

One response to “My Indiana Home

  1. What a lovely town! Sounds charming. We all need that special place where we can relax, kick back, smile at people on the street and just enjoy the simple pleasures of living.

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