A Book for a Family Picnic

I was asked to submit a book of poetry for a silent auction at the Brinkman Family Picnic in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  I selected   50 poems from this blog and segmented the book into several chapters.   The chapters were:  Family, Love, Spirituality, and  Memories of Those Who Wait.    There are roughly 12 to 15  poems per chapter.  I shared this book with a close friend as a way to keeping informed of the latest work efforts.   Surprise came in an email this morning.  I received a converted PDF file and 2 jpgs of the front page of the book.   The following is a picture of the cover of the Musings From a Brinkman’s Mind.

I will let you know how the silent auction turns out.    Thank you for the comments on the individual poems.

4 responses to “A Book for a Family Picnic

  1. Very cool looking book Frank, your great writing should be in print my friend.

    • Andrew, Thank you for your compliment. This family book is one step on the way. I apologize for not posting this weekend. It has been hectic getting ready and I will start posting the fourth personal journal poetry tonight if all goes well.

  2. What a handsome volume and a beautiful gift to share with your family, Frank! Congratulations!

  3. Frank,
    I enjoyed Awake. I look forward to hearing more about your book.

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