Come, You Are Welcome

  • Come, I am here within
    • The words and doodles.
    • My words are unplanned
  • They come un-bidden
    • As my pen scratches across the page.
  • My doodles are just that,
    • Doodles flowing from mind
    • To pen to page.
  • My words and doodles
    • Surprise even me.
  • Come, You are welcome
    • To discover me.
  • Maybe you will find
    • A bit of yourself.
  • I am not hiding
    • I attempt to write truths
    • As I learn them
    • Or they come to mind.
  • I know perspective changes
    • Meaning and impact.
  • For misunderstandings,
    • I apologize in advance.
  • For mistruths
    • I ask your forgiveness.
  • I am not hiding.
    • I attempt to let you see me
    • And experience my thoughts and feelings.
  • Some will see little,
    • Others will see more.
  • Enjoy the moment.

Originally written:  April 15, 1998

  • This is the beginning of my fourth personal journal.    I open each journal with a little welcome to those who read it.   When I started writing I intended it to be for my children and grandchildren. I planned to put them into the computer, but I was filled with excuses.
  •  A dear friend in Toronto recommended a blog.  I started out not knowing what to expect. As other people became familiar with the prose, I received invitations to join REAL  Bloggers United, Broowaha Your Citizen Newspaper, The Artists Challenge Inferno, and others.  I am surprised and elated others enjoy the prose I have written.  I am honored by their comments.
  • With these feelings of being honored I open this new book.  I invite you to read the poetry and learn about living, loving, and about me. You may find some of the lessons humorous, edgy, and something you have already learned.
  • Again, welcome.

6 responses to “Come, You Are Welcome

  1. I love the idea of leaving a welcoming message at the start of your journal and what a welcome message. I look forward to reading the next instalment of volume 4.

  2. Yes, Frank, writing is a voyage of discovery. You have to be willing to accept whatever comes your way, all the moods and contradictions.

  3. What a neat story about how you started blogging. Your words and prose are lovely undiscovered gems for my reading mind.

    • Angelia,

      Thank you for your comment. Each of the six journals have a welcoming and a closing on the last page. I will try to remember to share a closing with you. Each welcoming and closing prose are unique.

      I love your little stories. Duct Tape… Yup… I have one in the car… Dad used to carry an extra piece of baling whire for the farm and a pairof pliers. Duct tape replaces both…

      Thank you again.. Regards, Frank

  4. I really lke the idea of a welcome to the start of a new journal and perhaps the closing could be in the form of an ‘a bienot’ – leaving a promise of more to follow.

  5. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I loved your poem on Real Bloggers United, so much so that I have listed it on my blog as my favourite blog read of the week. Hope that is ok!

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