I Regret

  • I regret the pages of this volume have come to an end. I have shared my doodles and my thoughts. You have found me between the pages, the lines, and doodles. I have more to share. I am ever-changing. I am optimistic about our future.

Originally written:    November 23, 2000

  • I wrote the above as the last page of volume 4 of 6 of my personal journals..    I have received a suggestion to add the journal closings  the poetry I have put on-line.   In this closing or “a bienot” , I close this book and open the next.  Come with me into the next journal by coming back to see the new poetry and discover more.

4 responses to “I Regret

  1. Hey Frank!

    This looks great! a bientot is such a lovely ending I think. Am very flattered you liked my suggestion.
    Smiles and blessings.

  2. This is really cool Frank, can’t wait to read the next volume my friend.

  3. can’t wait to see more.

    • Thank you. June and early July has been extremely hectic. We have been traveling to a Brinkman Family Reunion in Milwaukee, WI. I put together a grouping of 50 poems in a book with family memories and let it be sold in a silent auction for seed money for the nest reunion. 2 copies sold. One for $100 and then gave a second that went for $60. They purchased them for the family stories and pictures included.

      We are home now and have children and grandchildren visiting. So it is a little slower. I should begin posting this week. Thank you for your note.

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