Hands Holding Hands

  • Hands holding hands.
    • Smiles on faces.
    • Eyes Twinkling.
  • Hearts being opened,
    • And poured to full measure.
  • Young and old are captives
    • Eagerly ensnared.
  • It is spring and
    • New energy abounds.
  • Hands holding hands.
    • Smiles on faces.
    • Eyes twinkling.
  • Love being shared
    • To full measure.
  • Young or old,
    • Even in between.
    • It is spring again.
  • A time for new
    • And old lovers.
    • A time of renewal.


Originally written:   April 15, 1998

  • Have you ever noticed that in spring time there
    seems to be more people holding hands with
    smiles on their faces?  Their eyes seem to
    twinkle when they look at each other. 
  • In myself, I have noticed my thoughts turn to
    romance in the springtime. I have come to believe
    it is living annual cycle.  In the spring life renews
    itself.   The barren sleeping trees begin to produce
    buds that eventually grow into leaves. The pale green
    color of the new leaves are proof that spring has brought
    new life.  Even the evergreen trees have new needles
    that are a lighter green than the old needles saying,
    “I’m new!”  

One response to “Hands Holding Hands

  1. This is lovely. Like you, I adore Spring, the way it refreshes everything after the dark days of Winter.
    I think the seasons and nature’s cycles can be applied to the human condition. No matter how old we are, a new love can awaken Spring in us again.
    I am 51 and my husband is 61. We met just 5 years ago and married last year, so we are definitely still in our Springtime!
    Smiles and blessings.

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