Daily Archives: July 12, 2010

Here Again, Watching and Waiting

Like all others I watched and waited.
Mother-in-law Betty was walking the path
Which all of us must walk in our last days.

The veil between life and death became opaque.
Mom was visiting with sisters and brothers waiting for her.
She was in their presence and conversing with them.

My heart hurt.  Yet, I rejoiced Mom’s journey was ending.
Her destination was a far, far better place.
Betty is now re-united with family and friends.

The utopia offers relief from her aches and pains
Of the accumulated earthly injuries.
Heaven is a panacea of realized hopes and beliefs.

It is difficult to see and participate in this transition.
Dying is a process that awaits you and me.
I am helpless to shorten the hours or days.

Sometimes it seems there is a penalty to be paid,
A specific amount of agony or patience exhausted,
Before the gates open and a crossing is granted. 

I am sad I will no longer have Mom close by.
I have stood by her bedside and shared memories,
Memories of days gone by filled with joy and family.

I am glad we had those joyous times.
I cherish memories of events with family and friends
I cling to the warmth of the love shared.

I ask those friends, relatives, and saints,
Who have gone before for assistance and guidance.
Please open you hands and hearts to help Mom’s transition.

Provide Betty the light and guidance
As she takes the final steps across the threshold
To join her loved ones.

Thank you Mom for all you have given to us.

I cherish the lessons you taught.

I cherish your memory.

Originally written:   July 13, 2010

Yes, this happened to our family on July 13th.  I am feeling the pangs of impending
separation from a loved one.  I first met Betty when I walked her daughter
home from choir practice on Bunker Hill Air Force Base Chapel in 1962. 
Betty provided me and several of my Air Force buddies dinner.  I remember
the hamburgers with the toasted buns.  These were the first hamburgers I had
tasted with a toasted bun.  They quickly became a favorite.  Her husband, Leo
who has been gone for many years became a second father to me. He
and his brother, Patrick, or Patty taught me how to maintain cars and
do many of the chores around the home.  Leo taught me piety and reverence
for Our Lord.   Betty and Leo taught me lessons in family life and love.