Daily Archives: August 9, 2010

The Piano is Playing

The piano is playing.
I hear the waterfall.

The music soothing
My racing mind.

From hustle and bustle,
to challenges to overcome.

From roaring jet engines,
To raindrops.

The nearby waterfall
Provides a noise barrier.

From the roaring jet engines
To running water.
I sit in the restaurant
Listening and waiting.

The piano is playing
Quietly soothingly.

The songs from
“Phantom of the Opera.”

My mind slips easily into
Remembering the play – the book.

The unrequited love
And anguish it  brought.

The bond of love overcoming
And tenderness between lovers.

Ah! Eric what became of Eric?
Originally written:  May 1, 1998

This verse was written about sitting in a
Embassy Suite Hotel in Arlington, TX. The food
is wonderful.  Feeding the coy alongside the table
enjoyable.  The orange coy with many friends eager
for just a small piece of bread wrestling each other
to gain a slight advantage. The grand piano playing
music brings all the memories flooding back.