Daily Archives: August 11, 2010


  • A look,
    • A twinkle in the eyes.
    • A squeeze of our hands,
    • Or even a smile.
  • Convey feelings
    • Of tender caring,
    • Of loneliness abated
    • By love and caring.
  • A word or words
    • Could not convey
    • The amount or depth.
    • Only a look!
  • A look from
    • Or to a beloved.

Originally written:  July 20, 1998

I, like others, maybe even you have  noticed two people in love.  There is a certain  chemistry when they enter a room or share a glance across the room.  Throughout the  event they keep track of each other almost unconsciously.   Yet, to those who are attuned to loving it is obvious and a little thrilling to observe or be the ones in love.  I have experienced the intense feelings that come with a new love, even an old love.  It is not restricted to those who have just started on their journey.   My heartfelt wish is that each of us experience the love of a relationship like this.