Another Form of Communication

  • I am filled with awe and wonder at how “connected” people in love are!
    The number of miles apart, they matter not. The couple can and do
    “know” things they could not know. Yet, no recognized communication
    was exchanged by either party.    I swear there is another form of
    communication yet to be understood.

Originally written:  September 8, 1998

When two people are in love there seems to be a
form of communication that is not visible nor
verbal.   They can sense when the loved one
enters a room, even though unseen. 

I have even found the couple can sometimes
sense when their loved one is having a crisis
or is in need of support.    

This all seems impossible yet it has happened
over and over again for many years.  I would
say the individual has extra sensory perception (ESP),
but that has not yet proven to be true.  The ESP is
only exhibited with loved ones.   I have
shared this knowledge with friends and they
have on rare occasions experienced or seen
similar circumstances in other couples.  

I have sensed when my beloved wife has walked
into a room unseen.  She has sensed when
something was wrong and I needed support.
These are just two of the situations that have
occurred over and over again forcing the
acceptance of these words as fact.

I am not asking you to believe or disbelieve
my accounts nor my assertions.  This item was
written in 1998.  This is 2010 and I find these
words to be as true today as I did then.

One response to “Another Form of Communication

  1. I am with you 100%. People who do not know me and my husband can be in the same meeting as us and recognise we are ‘a couple’. We may not be sitting together, we rarely do, but we find we have grown to have the same body language, inflections in our speech patterns and an in-built sensor as to when the othe needs help or support. I like to think of this as a spiritual connection. We know we have found a soul mate when they are with us even when they are not.

    Smiles and blessings.

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