Forgiver and Forgiven

When the emotional bank account is empty it is hard to forgive injuries.

It is at the same time very rewarding to forgiver and forgiven

To forgive and accept forgiveness.

Originally written:  September 8, 1998

I wrote this after  looking back at my life after a particularly difficult situation
arose at work.  I was dealing with a problem with an individual that had
gone on for years. I was at the end of my tolerance for that work associate.
His emotional bank account with me was bankrupt.  I was not alone holding
bankrupt accounts. Others working with him had the same feelings. I agonized
over the issues. I even lost sleep over confronting the individual.

When confronted, I chose to use with the specific instances causing the issues
without emotion just facts. It was a one on one meeting.  The result of the
meeting was an amicably working relationship with no further personal issues. 
We are not friends but we were able to continue working closely with each other.

In reviewing the situation from a distance the  two phrases came to me.  Now,
13 years later I testify to the validity of these words.  I am thankful for the road

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