Words Spoken

  • Words spoken one to another,
    • Stranger to stranger,
    • Worker to worker,
    • Friend to friend,
    • Loved to beloved,
    • Bride to groom,
    • Husband to wife
    • And so many more.
  • Words are the bearer
    • Of greetings,
    • Of anger,
    • Of sharings,
    • Of adoration,
    • Of commitment
    • And so much more.
  • One to another,
    • Uncaring to caring,
    • Caring to uncaring,
    • Caring to caring.


Originally written:  October 10, 1998

  • Words spoken carry a weight.   A weight it has taken years and maturity
    to start to understand. We learn to speak early in life.   We use the words
    and expressions of those we immitate sometimes not understanding the
    impact of some of the words.   We begin to learn as we delight our
    parents, siblings, and relatives.   In Tweens and teen years we learn the
    impact on friends, non-friends, and those we desire love from.  Years of
    joy and hurt mount along with experience in use and misuse of words. 
    Some take the path of deception and spend the rest of their lives deceiving
    themselves and others.  They may even come to believe in their lies.   This
    path always ends in loneliness and pain.   Others take the middle road and
    spend their lives slipping back and forth mixing truth, omission, and fibs
    stealing happiness and finding sorrow when the deceptions are found out.
  • Then, there are those who live their live caring what words mean and their
    impact on others and ultimately to themselves.  They are sensitive as they
    mature learning the use and misuse of words. They apologize for the
    unintended hurts and the agony brands the memory of the use of those
    words. Their lives have pain and happiness mixed in measure providing a
    balance.  They learn the affect of words.   Their life is a continuum of
  • At the last breath of this life is the profound knowledge words are the basic
    communication between humans.  A life spent perfecting their use is a life
    well spent.

2 responses to “Words Spoken

  1. I heard … Wanted to stop by and lend support and give your some hugs. People really are treasures. Theresa

  2. Melody J Haislip

    Frank, you write like a visionary. When my own words fail me, I come and read yours. They quench the parched spots in my soul.

    I’m not using these words in an unconsidered fashion, or to make you feel good. They come from my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your unique way of seeing this tired, old world. I appreciate you.

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