Daily Archives: August 16, 2010


  • Anticipation of a kiss.
    • Brings wonderous pleasure.
    • Enjoy the moments of suspense.
    • It heightens the pleasure,
    • Of the gift once received and given.
  • Anticipation of a dark moment.
    • Brings exquisite anxiety.
    • Relax and be present,
    • In the moment of suspense.
    • It prepares you
    • For the trauma to come.
  • Anticipation, ah-h the sweetness.
    • It is the spice of life.
    • It is the variety between moments.
    • Without variety it is doubtful
    • We would recognize happiness or despair.


Originally written: October 30, 1998

  • I like this small piece of prose.   I am one of those people
    that has agonized over anticipation of both dark moments
    and the possibility of a kiss, both giving and receiving.
  • I have found that relaxing even in the anticipation of a
    dire or crisis is an important way to reserve my strength
    and focus for that moment.