It Could Be Me

  • I have seen a bit of our nations capital Washington DC.
    The magnificent edifices, art galleries, restaurants
    Hmmm – mmm – mmm good.
  • The monuments Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Korean
    War, Vietnam, and the Women’s Vietnam War Memorial.
  • I have seen the White House
    White and small
    Surrounded by fences and guards.
  • I have seen the homeless,
    The disenfranchised, and
    The forgotten.
  • I have seen and grown wiser.
    Humanity is fragile.
    It could be me lost and alone.

Originally written: October 30, 1998

Society builds beautiful buildings and monuments.  Yet,
amongst the beauty there is squalor and homelessness.
I believe the veneer of society is growing thinner with
any increase in the homelessness and hopelessness of
its citizens.   When a society creates a permanent group
of its populace in a hopeless environment it has created a
hotbed of  the dissatisfied. Hopelessness and dissatisfaction
are the ingredients to ferment rebellion and chaos.

Today, I am saddened by the thousands of families
that have lost their homes to the greed of mortgage
providers.  I have witnessed the loss of jobs and the
breaking down of marriages as a result of the anxiety and
stress of putting food on the table and caring for the
well-being of their family.

Today, I am one of the lucky ones who has no worries
about income in the foreseeable future.  Yet, I and my
family could be next.  Yet,  I believe I have seen hopeful
signs the economy is slowly recovering.   I have observed
small businesses where their workload is increasing
slightly.  They are gradually backing away from layoffs,
bankruptcy and closing down.   In small ways a few new
hires are appearing in the workplace.   The finances have
seemed to be improving. 

It will be a long time to full recovery.   It took a long time
to see the improvements after the worlds Great Depression.
It will take as long or longer to recover from what I would
call the “Great Recession and Finance Debacle.”  It will be
an interesting time.  Will the recovery speed be sufficient
enough to prevent chaos and rebellion?

2 responses to “It Could Be Me

  1. Reading this reminded me of Glasgow in Scotland for all the money spent in the last decade to rejuvenate the city there is still homeless people sitting in alleyways and high levels of unemployment sometimes I think politicians forget about the little guy struggling to get by. Good to have you back my friend.

  2. Frank-one wonders where all the money goes. I’m no economist, but it seems obvious that something has gone dreadfully wrong in a world where a few have so much and the vast majority can barely survive.

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