The Journey of My Soul

  • The journey of my soul
    It is not a straight path.
    It never was, nor will it be.
  • I meander, self-directed, others directed,
    And yes, even God directed.
    Hopefully more of the latter.
  • Each milestone a learning experience.
    A chance to share, to love, to learn,
    And to agonize.
  • It is the meandering
    That provides my growth.
    That expands my knowledge.
    That challenges my worn out ideas.
  • I meander with a purpose,
    To grow in love.

Originally written:   October 30, 1998

  • Yes,  I meander through life.   My life in review reveals the truth.
    The person I have become was educated by life’s good, bad
    and  ugly.   The changes, places,  and experiences all have combined
    to provide the background for the formation of a life.  The
    meandering is the spice.  Sometimes it is hot as a jalepano
    pepper.  Other times it is a lot of crushed ice.  There are times
    it is a dragster reaching the quarter mile posts. There are times
    when I have been wrong, wrong, wrong,  and have had to humbly
    apologize and change direction.  On other occasions the trail
    is straight and narrow.  In all of the meandering there was
    something to learn each day.  Sometimes too much to learn.
    I have learned to laugh at my foibles and be humble in life.

One response to “The Journey of My Soul

  1. The meandering paid off. .

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