Daily Archives: August 18, 2010

Babble, Babble, Babble

  • Babble, babble, babble
    I babble on.
    Thoughts to words
    Words to paper.
  • I babble on,
    For what I wonder,
    Do I babble on?
  • Yet, I babble on.
    Filling some inner need,
    Thoughts to words,
    Words to paper.
  • When will the babble end?
    When my last breath
    Of this earth’s air
    Leaves my lungs for the last time.


Originally written:   October 30, 1998

  • There are moments when I just babble on for no observable
    value to myself or others. Yet, the thoughts come forth and
    are translated into words.  I have felt the undeniable drive
    to put these words down into a personal journal.  
  • Are the words for others?  The words are for myself, and
    my children first.  I originally wanted to write down in my
    journals the “Ahhh Ha’s” or moments of truth I discovered
    in my life.  It was a way I could help my descendant to
    understand who I was and what I thought.   I came to that
    decision after reading C.S. Lewis and the movie
    Shadowlands that shows him writing in his journals.   I left
    that movie and purchased a blank book that was 8 1/2 by 11
    inches in size.  As I wrote into the blank books/journals
    the thoughts came and were translated into what you see on
    this blog.  This little “ditty” is located in the 4th of 6 volumes
    of journals. 
  • I have shared several of the entries with friends over the 13
    years.  A friend recommended sharing the writings via a blog
    in January 2010.  Since then I have been gradually entering
    the musings.  I have selected some of the previous entries to
    create a book of prose for a family reunion silent auction.  I
    was amazed it sold. I think I understand why it sold? It was
    family memorabilia. There were over 250 descendents at the
    family reunion.  The proceeds of the auction go toward funding
    the next family reunion.
  • Reading the entries from the beginning to the end provides a
    unique view of who I was and changes in my life.  Yes, some
    of the writings can be taken several different ways.  That was
    and will be intentional sometimes to provide a humor and