I Pause

  • I pause
    It is time.
  • Yes, time,
    Time to take note.
  • I pause,
  • Yes, contemplating,
    Contemplating my gifts.
  • I pause,
    It is time.
  • Yes, time,
    Time to say “Thank you!”

Originally written: November 26, 1998

  • Each of us at sometime in our lives, stop, pausing to say
    “Thank You Lord!”   It does not need to be within the
    walls of a cathedral or even a church.   It can be done
    on a walk, while driving,  during morning or evening
    prayers.  It can be done in the city or in the forest.
  • I take time to acknowledge the gifts I have received.  They
    are as simple as the first thought in the morning to the last
    thought of the day.  The gift of wife, children, and even
    grandchildren in my life.  The artistic abilities and friends
    who keep me on the right path with their straight talk and
  • I want to live my life with a glass full attitude.  I have much
    to be thankful for. 

One response to “I Pause

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Frank, I don’t go to sleep at night until I can think of something for which to be grateful. Some days my cup is overflowing, and some days I’m simply grateful that I made it through alive. If we fail to appreciate and be thankful for what we have, it can be taken away. Nomasayin’?

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