A Time of Reflection

The last day has passed.
The new beginning anticipated.

A time of reflection
Of successes and failures.

It seemed so far away,
The sands of time just slipped away.

A future is perceived
Filled with accomplishments.

It’s nearness searing
Past memories and hopes into memories.

Originally written:  January 1, 1999

The new year has arrived and I was reflecting on what happened in past years
as a new year began.  This year was not so different from other years.  Yet,
this was the last year before 2000. There were the worries and concerns about
a lot of things working in the year 2000.   There were dire warnings and media
added to our anxiety.  I wonder if they really acquired additional customers
because of their coverage?   Did they sell more advertising on TV?   I personally,
do not think they did.  In our house and our jobs problems were non-event.  I 
hope it was the same in your homes  and jobs as well. 

There are moments in time when reading mass media I pause  and wonder if the
They are doing a proper job in their reporting.  It seems bad events or happenings
are reported more often and good news items do not have the same frequency of
reporting.   News items that drive anxiety up seem to get published more often than 
good news.  Maybe I am wrong.  I just wonder what others think.

4 responses to “A Time of Reflection

  1. When I first read the poem, I instantly thought of my daughter and her first day of school as a Junior. The end of summer and the beginning of the last years of high school.

    But I do remember the 99 scare, and yes I do think it was partly hype. I don’t enjoy watching the news as much because how they use stories to heighten so much tension. Just doesn’t seem right.

    • Anglia, your thoughts were similar to the ones I had when I wrote the poem. I was thinking of the dreams for 1998, what I got accomplished, those hopes that did not get done, and then the anticipation of wonderful things for 1999. As I wrote the reflections for the posting it morphed into a reflection of the media hysteria about Y2K.

      Early January is a time of reflection and dreaming of tomorrows.

  2. We live in a voyeuristic world where scandal, tragedy and negativity sells newspapers and fuels an insatiable public appetite for more of the same – only make it worse next time.

    So many issues, whilst undoubtedly serious are exagerrated and inflated by the media so the public perception is far removed from reality and the norm becomes based on a falsehood.

    As with your poem, I am older and more reflective that I was in 2000 and I try not to concern myself unduly with that which does not affect me and mine. I do my best to walk with gentle footsteps, oh that the media could do the same.
    Smiles and blessings.

    • I like your thought of walking with gentle footsteps and not concerning myself with things tht do not affect us. Maybe you have hit on a interesting point. I read seven newspapers each day and watch the TV news morning and evening. I think you may have given me an idea to cut out of my life that which has contributed to my anxiety about the news media. Walk gently…. I love it.. Excellent advice..


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