Daily Archives: August 26, 2010


Hope is the presence of the belief
“It will be better!”

Hope for a “thing”, “to be”,  or “not to be”
Provides meaning.

Yes meaning!
Meaning for the meaningless.

Without hope, a vision of the future
Is without purpose.

Yes it is meaningless!

I somehow think “hope”
Is a “gift” from our Creator.

Some people are blessed with it.
Others are searching.

Originally written:   January 6, 1999

There was a day in my life when hope seemed to disappear.
There were a lot of things that went into the feeling of
hopelessness.  It had built up over several years.  I picture it
like tiny grains of sand piling up around my feet.  Slowly I
was being buried. My feet and legs locked  by the sand
into one position unable to escape.  My future was dark
and without hope. 

I took my 68 Chevy Biscayne  white station wagon for a
drive alone up into the Rocky Mountains on a curvy
two lane road named Left Hand Canyon.  I drove up to the
top very despondent over the way life had beaten me down
and kept me down. My chest felt like a ton was sitting on it
making it hard to breathe. My mind racing to find a way to
solve all the dilemmas I was facing.   I stopped at the top
I turned the car around and sped down the mountain road
with the intent of going straight on a curve that had a thousand
foot drop.  The car came to that corner and skidded
precariously close. but turned that corner.  I slowed down
and drove home.  I can’t tell you how the car made it through
that curve.  Once on the other side of that curve everything
After that moment I decided I was in charge.  I was not
going to let others dictate how I was going to feel.  Life has
dropped a lot of lemons onto my lap.  I had a lot credit card
debt, got divorced, lost custody of my kids due to an
alcoholic attorney mistakes, my job was closed down, and I was
forced to move 1200 miles away from my children.   

I have never lost hope again.  I know there are good days and
bad days. I know how to use lots of lemons to make lemonade,
lemon with beer, tea, and even on salads.   I have become
versatile in dealing with both the good and bad events. 

I share my personal experience in the I desire others would there
is hope and better days and have the same faith in the future I have.