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Like No Other Sound

  • Like no other sound – 
    • The breeze moving through the pine forest.
  • I remember my walks thru the forests of Ahmeek, Michigan.
    • I can hear the music, sometimes even a whistle calling me.
  • The gentle rustle of the pine needles rubbing against each other.
    • Whether winter, spring, or summer each has its own voice.
  • Calling me to remember the sacredness.


Originally written:   March 8, 1999

  • The music of the forest pines speak of the sacred things in my life.
    I wanted to write more, but there is no more to say.

The Faces of Strangers

  • I look into the face of many strangers.
    • The very young, their faces round, skin soft, and smooth – – innocence personified.
    • The very old, their  faces lined with experiences – –  skin will used.
      • Their eyes filled with knowing and loving.
  • I see and I wonder,
    • What great mysteries have they shared?
  • What can I share with them for their journey?

Originally written:  March 8, 1999

  • I am a people watcher.  I will stand at a corner
    and just watch and wonder.   There is so much
    to see in people’s faces and the way they dress and
    the way they walk.   I try to ponder what are they
    thinking and where are they going? 
  • Sometimes when I am hidden behind a cloths rack
    waiting or even on the rare occasion I watch the
    other shoppers until I feel guilty and intrusive.  I
    then move on doing my business.  
  • Then, a thought comes to mind, :”Who is watching
    me?”  I must admit I get a little nervous and move on.
  • Who is watching you in your every day missions?

I Come This Way Once

  • I come this way just once,
    • Each heart beat and
    • Each breath a gift.
  • I journey on,
    • Each step toward and
    • Each step farther away.
  • Searching, even pursuing,
    • The reasons,
    • And the seasons.

Originally written:   March 8, 1999

  • These words came beating on my mind.
    They would not go away.   Knock, knock 
    Write me down, write me down  they kept
    whispering.  It was a drum beat I avoided
    for a while. Yet, I never could escape the
    thoughts.   So finally I wrote them down
    in my journal.  The words flowed unto the
  • The words are true and pure. 

Life is a Continuum

  •  I see my life as a footstep
    • In a water puddle!
  • It is present while the foot
    • Is in the puddle.
  • It vanishes quickly when
    • The step is completed
    • And the foot moves on.
  • I am here now enjoying,
    • Accomplishing dreams,
    • And planning for future dreams.
  • Yet, the knowledge of “temporary-ness”
    • Of achievements and material things,
    • Permeates all I am.
  • Splish, Splash, Splish


  • Originally written:   February 17, 1999

I wrote this at a moment when the “temporary-ness” of life
came into my mind.   I had lost several close friends to illness
and death.  I had seen friends and work mates disappear in
in a matter of hours.  The realization of how impermanent
everything is in one’s life. 

The image of a footprint in a water puddle came to mind.
I realized at that moment I was not irreplaceable in my job
or in my life.  It provided a new perspective on life.   I renewed
my effort to take life with a lot more humor.  It had a nice
effect on my stress level and my blood pressure.   It significantly
reduced the tension I had in crisis meetings with staff and

It also provided an opportunity to elevate others for their
efforts.  I no longer needed to have credit for things that I
led or helped accomplish. It freed me to take more risks
and share the successful results. 

If all we are and do is temporary and impermanent then
we are free to attempt the impossible or improbable.
Failure is only temporary and the more we try the more
successes we can experience.  Splish, Splash, Splish.

A Shared Moment

Oh, the pleasure I feel
In a shared moment.

The first glimpse of an e-mail.
Anticipation of what is in for the note.

The ring of the phone.
Anticipation of what is to be shared.

The vibration of my pager.
Anticipation of the message.

A shared moment in time.
What is written, said, or pages.

Conveys feelings and emotions
Of the moment.

I treasure them as a rare jewels.

Originally written:  February 5, 1999
There are people in our lives making our minds
go “Zinnng.”  They bring something that is a little
bit exciting and thrilling.   The challenge of a new
day or the final review of the day with my head
on my pillow. These rare jewels can be diamonds
or glass. They can provide joy or agony.  Yet, the
long term relationship gained over many years
is the basis for the anticipation and pleasure

The zing is still be there 38 years  into the lifetime

Beloved, You Are

Your are in my thoughts,
You are present in my deeds.

You are the breeze I feel.
You are the perfumes carried to me.

I need you.
You are my essence.
You complete me.

Originally written:   January 6. 1999

Ahhh.. Yes… I remember writing this for my beloved.  I had taken
a walk at lunchtime.   Eucalyptus trees lined the road.  The air was
perfumed with the smell of eucalyptus.  There was a light breeze
carrying the sounds of the leaves clicking against each other and
the tree’s perfume. Walking around the buildings was a good way to
escape from the office and telephone calls.  It was a way to let my
mind wander.  These words came to me as I walked along the path
and the breeze brought me the eucalyptus perfume.  

Reading them again today I can smell the eucalyptus and feel the breeze.
The words bring the memory of the words and devotion alive all
over again.


Be a healer of  those in need.
Spirituality or physically.

Reserve time for self,
To heal one’s self.

To heal is to give

Fill moments of despair
With unconditional gift.

Fill the emptiness of grief
With acceptance and love.

Healing self and others.

Originally written:  January 6, 1999

Each of us have the ability to be a healer.  Each of us must be a healer of self.  
Our parents, spouse, children, neighbor and friends, even co-workers enter
our lives with pain and suffering.  It is in our nature to offer assistance..
It is a very rewarding  and addicting experience. Healing can be a very
consuming and draining . It can also be frustrating and even painful for the

This note was written as a reminder to myself  that I need to reserve
personal time to restore or rebuild the energy.   There needs to be a bit of
self-preservation and self-preparedness to protect oneself.  I have witnessed
professional healers work to a point of exhaustion.  Their self-protection
was turned off by their compassion and internal need to heal those that are
in need.  To run to exhaustion will cause the healer to become the patient over
time. Yet, there are moments in each of our lives that financially we knowingly
run the risk in order to meet the needs of our families. 

With this knowledge and recognition healers need to be sensitive to their own
body and mind when they are giving us warnings.