Be a healer of  those in need.
Spirituality or physically.

Reserve time for self,
To heal one’s self.

To heal is to give

Fill moments of despair
With unconditional gift.

Fill the emptiness of grief
With acceptance and love.

Healing self and others.

Originally written:  January 6, 1999

Each of us have the ability to be a healer.  Each of us must be a healer of self.  
Our parents, spouse, children, neighbor and friends, even co-workers enter
our lives with pain and suffering.  It is in our nature to offer assistance..
It is a very rewarding  and addicting experience. Healing can be a very
consuming and draining . It can also be frustrating and even painful for the

This note was written as a reminder to myself  that I need to reserve
personal time to restore or rebuild the energy.   There needs to be a bit of
self-preservation and self-preparedness to protect oneself.  I have witnessed
professional healers work to a point of exhaustion.  Their self-protection
was turned off by their compassion and internal need to heal those that are
in need.  To run to exhaustion will cause the healer to become the patient over
time. Yet, there are moments in each of our lives that financially we knowingly
run the risk in order to meet the needs of our families. 

With this knowledge and recognition healers need to be sensitive to their own
body and mind when they are giving us warnings.

One response to “Healing

  1. Frank, this is just what I needed to read today.
    At the moment, I am almost on my knees I am so drained. The foundation of my recovery is to help others and I work on a one to one basis with a number of women. Two of them in particular have become consuming with their overwhelming neediness and I need to let them go. Just as you say, we have to keep self-preservation high on our list. If I do not nurture and heal myself physically, emotionally and spiritually, then I have nothing to give that may heal anyone else.
    Thank you for these words of wisdom and such a poignant reminder for me.
    Smiles and blessings.

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