Beloved, You Are

Your are in my thoughts,
You are present in my deeds.

You are the breeze I feel.
You are the perfumes carried to me.

I need you.
You are my essence.
You complete me.

Originally written:   January 6. 1999

Ahhh.. Yes… I remember writing this for my beloved.  I had taken
a walk at lunchtime.   Eucalyptus trees lined the road.  The air was
perfumed with the smell of eucalyptus.  There was a light breeze
carrying the sounds of the leaves clicking against each other and
the tree’s perfume. Walking around the buildings was a good way to
escape from the office and telephone calls.  It was a way to let my
mind wander.  These words came to me as I walked along the path
and the breeze brought me the eucalyptus perfume.  

Reading them again today I can smell the eucalyptus and feel the breeze.
The words bring the memory of the words and devotion alive all
over again.

2 responses to “Beloved, You Are

  1. Frank, I love this sentiment: You are present in my deeds.

    What a beautiful way to capture love and how someone becomes part of you, at all times, forever.

  2. This is beautiful. That someone you love is with you even when they are not there.
    Smiles and blessings

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