A Shared Moment

Oh, the pleasure I feel
In a shared moment.

The first glimpse of an e-mail.
Anticipation of what is in for the note.

The ring of the phone.
Anticipation of what is to be shared.

The vibration of my pager.
Anticipation of the message.

A shared moment in time.
What is written, said, or pages.

Conveys feelings and emotions
Of the moment.

I treasure them as a rare jewels.

Originally written:  February 5, 1999
There are people in our lives making our minds
go “Zinnng.”  They bring something that is a little
bit exciting and thrilling.   The challenge of a new
day or the final review of the day with my head
on my pillow. These rare jewels can be diamonds
or glass. They can provide joy or agony.  Yet, the
long term relationship gained over many years
is the basis for the anticipation and pleasure

The zing is still be there 38 years  into the lifetime

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