I Come This Way Once

  • I come this way just once,
    • Each heart beat and
    • Each breath a gift.
  • I journey on,
    • Each step toward and
    • Each step farther away.
  • Searching, even pursuing,
    • The reasons,
    • And the seasons.

Originally written:   March 8, 1999

  • These words came beating on my mind.
    They would not go away.   Knock, knock 
    Write me down, write me down  they kept
    whispering.  It was a drum beat I avoided
    for a while. Yet, I never could escape the
    thoughts.   So finally I wrote them down
    in my journal.  The words flowed unto the
  • The words are true and pure. 

2 responses to “I Come This Way Once

  1. Very Zen, Frank, and very in the moment.

  2. Frank, this is truly beautiful. I have written it onto paper and pinned it to my notice-board that faces my desk.
    Our lives are like the seasons – that makes me at the end of my Summer and at the beginning of my Autumn.
    Smiles and blessings

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