The Faces of Strangers

  • I look into the face of many strangers.
    • The very young, their faces round, skin soft, and smooth – – innocence personified.
    • The very old, their  faces lined with experiences – –  skin will used.
      • Their eyes filled with knowing and loving.
  • I see and I wonder,
    • What great mysteries have they shared?
  • What can I share with them for their journey?

Originally written:  March 8, 1999

  • I am a people watcher.  I will stand at a corner
    and just watch and wonder.   There is so much
    to see in people’s faces and the way they dress and
    the way they walk.   I try to ponder what are they
    thinking and where are they going? 
  • Sometimes when I am hidden behind a cloths rack
    waiting or even on the rare occasion I watch the
    other shoppers until I feel guilty and intrusive.  I
    then move on doing my business.  
  • Then, a thought comes to mind, :”Who is watching
    me?”  I must admit I get a little nervous and move on.
  • Who is watching you in your every day missions?

6 responses to “The Faces of Strangers

  1. I’m also a people watcher. Sometimes I stare so unabashedly at people in the street I almost feel like a peeping Tom. The best moments are when they stare back and favor me with a nod or smile.

  2. Me too! I try to be as discrete as possible. There is nothing better than sitting at a cafe and watching humanity walk by. I hate the idea of anyone watching me, even when I was very young and turned heads. Sunglasses are my best friend.

    • One of the items I noticed was that people wore sunglasses for a variety of reasons.. One of them was so that people could not see their eyes. To hide themselves behind the darkness. Yet, sunglasses cover only a portion of the face and the eyes. The rest of us is plainly visible. I got photosensitive glasses so the lenses turn dark in sunlight. It is fun to watch people and watch their expression when they catch you watching them. Some smile and even wave, others turn away.. I get embarassed and feel a little guilty for intruding into their space. That feeling does not stop me from watching. Thank you..

  3. Ah the joy of sunglasses!
    I love people watching – especially when on holiday. I have this perfect pose – sunglasses on, book held up – and I peer over the top. My husband and I then banter away about people. I am quite sure people must do the same about us, but what the hell, if I am making somebody happy thats okay

  4. Hmm, people-watching… I never did that until now. Now, everywhere I look around wistfully, I see happy faces, couples hand-in-hand and love, understanding, sharing, basically ‘happy’ in all faces .. they may have more problems than me,.,. but my heart does not accept that.

    • People watching can be addictive. There are so many interesting people and I wonder at what their life story is. What has brought them to this location today? I think of the number and kind of thoughts that run through my brain and cannot fathom the number of thoughts going through those that I am watching.

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