Like No Other Sound

  • Like no other sound – 
    • The breeze moving through the pine forest.
  • I remember my walks thru the forests of Ahmeek, Michigan.
    • I can hear the music, sometimes even a whistle calling me.
  • The gentle rustle of the pine needles rubbing against each other.
    • Whether winter, spring, or summer each has its own voice.
  • Calling me to remember the sacredness.


Originally written:   March 8, 1999

  • The music of the forest pines speak of the sacred things in my life.
    I wanted to write more, but there is no more to say.

5 responses to “Like No Other Sound

  1. I feel that way about so many of nature’s sounds. They seem to go straight to my spirit and cheer and enliven me.

  2. Hi Frank, how appropriate this is as we head into Autumn.
    I live surrounded by woodland, most of our trees are traditional English deciduous species so we are now into serious leaf shedding.
    as I walked the dogs this morning, it was softly raining, the leaves are yellow and russet and forming a wet mulch under our feet. The only human sound was my footsteps but the place was alive with smells and sounds. I felt totally connected.
    smiles and blessings

  3. Frank, what a restful and wistful image you have painted.
    -Anne Marie

  4. The pines speak to me more than other trees. Oh, to feel to soft carpet of pine needles underfoot muffling sound to its most sacred.

  5. Lovely! I love the sound of gentle breeze against the leaves when it’s just about to rain.. add to it the musty scent of freshly dampened earth and that makes it quite close to what heaven might be.

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