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From Here to There

  • From there to here.
    • Then here to there.
  • Sometimes a new there.
    • A new place becomes here.


Originally written:   July 17, 1999

I heard these words  in mind was somehow fascinated in the play on words.  They struck me funny.  Then I began to think about them on a deeper level and found a basic truth in them.    We are constantly moving through our lives – from where we were to where we are.    Whether that is physical or mental.    Sometimes we move back there.

What Happened to You?

What happened to you my friend?

I have missed your presence.

Oh, where have you gone?

When will you return?

I want you to know
You are an integral part of my life.

I am out of sorts due to your absence.

I beg you, please return soon.

Sleep, oh sleep where have you gone?

Originally written:  May 21. 1999
I wrote this when I was missing a lot of sleep because of work. 
These words came to me and would not go away.  I had to
write them down.  

Yes, the stress at work went away.  Sleep returned to normal.
Whew… thank goodness.

The Unexpected

The Unexpected

The unexpected
Is right around the corner.

It is waiting
For just the right moment

Pouncing, surprising,
Bringing a friend along.

Chaos, yes chaos
Is the friend.

Cry, scream, whatever
Just adds to the din.

Take a breath, pause
Relax enjoy the moment.

Learn and then teach
Others to manage unexpected chaos.
Originally written:  May 8, 1999

The hair on the back of my neck stands up.  I know it is
coming.  It is just a matter of time.  When it will appear
only the Lord above knows. 

Unexpected chaos comes in many forms.
It could be simple bad news in a bill or damage to your
home or car. Illness in self, family member or friend
also can bring disruption to my life on many occasions.
I have had some interesting happenings that crying
or anger would just be wasted.   A truck backed into the
house with ladders that poked holes in the siding and
moved the first floor wall in 5 inches.  I have my parents,
brother and older sister pass away.  I have a living
younger brother who has been dead several times and
revived each time. Thank the Lord.  I could go on and on,
but I know I am lucky compared to many other people.

From the First Note…

From the first note
When the conductor brings his baton down,

To the last echo of a note
After the conductor drops his arms.

The notes and melody drop into my mind
As rain drops into the near by water pond,

Creating ripples and ever-widening circles of waves.
Sinking and melding with my soul,

Joining and changing the unseen
Notes within the liquid page.

Originally written April 7, 1999
This was actually written during a performance of the
San Francisco Symphony at Davies Hall.  My wife and I
had season tickets to open rehearsal events.  We could
not afford tickets to normal matinée or evening performances
so we attended open rehearsal.  It was a fabulous
learning experience. 

Over the course of 15 years the conductors and musicians
educated me to fine music performances.  It was a very
unique learning experience.  We heard the conductor ask
for minor changes and then hear the difference he made.
We could hear the conversation between musician and
conductor to understand a particular phrasing of  the
conductor’s interpretation of the music score.

The music over the years covered every type of
philharmonic compositions.  I have grown from un-initiated
to one who appreciates a variety of styles of orchestral
music.  I can feel some types of music deep inside
sometimes relaxing and sometimes exciting my energies.

What The HELL…

What the hell are you doing?

I hear those words
Much less these days.

I heard them
From my father
An uncle or two
My brothers, certainly.

Yes, I heard them from
Military drill instructors,
Later Corporals and Sargents.

Oh yes,I heard the words
From a boss or two,
Even a wife or two.

More interestingly,
I heard them
From myself a time or two.

I, on those rare occasions
Seem to be outside myself looking in
Providing the rudder
Others have provided.

The rudder shoving, even directing
Footsteps down the pathway
Not on the grass or in the mud,
But back on The Byway.

Originally written:    April 4, 1999 altered 03/21/2015

It was common to hear cuss or swear word or words
in any sentence from my dad and uncles.  It was part
of their normal every day use of verbal communication
with family, friends, or strangers.  Mother was a
lady.  I remember her words as genteel and ladylike.
Mom would use words like “fiddlesticks”, “Sugar”, and a
few others.  I never heard her utter one of the cuss
words dad used.

I have wondered about the marriage and relationship of
this genteel lady and this gruff, rough man.  How did
mom stay with this man when they were so different?
Yet, I know they loved each other intensely.  They were
visible in their affection for each other.  They were
also visible in their anger and fights.  I understand
mom and dad’s world was a rougher and tougher time.
They grew up in a time of “doing without”, the Depression,
and World War II.  Dad was injured in the landing at
Casablanca and many years recovering.

I find my use of cuss or swear words is very rare.  It is when
I do I am embarrassed I used bad language.  I am saddened
I let myself get angry enough I lose my use of
the fullness of the English language.  Yes, I know
those swear words are in some dictionarys. They are
even acceptable in certain places and circles. There are
so many other words to use to better illustrate the
specific point I am trying to make.   I did not receive
any specific rules when to use or not to use cuss words from
dad’s vocabulary.  That language was part of their
everyday lives.  It is not a part of my life nor do I
want it to be.


  • Traditions,
    • Are made
      • By families and friends
      • By you and I.
  • Retelling
    • The stories
      • Of families and friends
      • Of you and I.
  • Reliving
    • The stories
      • Of families and friends
      • Of you and I.
  • Traditions
    • The passing on
      • Of family and friend
      • Of you and I.  


Originally written:   April 4, 1999

Traditions are created by you and I reliving our personal
celebrations and events. We add new traditions to those of
our forebearers.  These are the oral traditions families
have told and retold for the length of human history.

The act of staging a re-enactment is passing that story to a
new generation. Traditions bring people closer together
recognizing their shared experience. Shared experiences give
a feeling of belonging.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue,
     On a hill or should I say
     Nestled amongst the hills.

Within a hardwood forest
      Amongst the trees
      With no leaves.

I listen to the stillness
      And whispers of the breeze.

It moves my soul
     From the hustle and bustle
     To the quiet calm serenity.

Originally written:  March 29, 1999

The sky can be so blue. The clouds so white and fluffy. The air crisp to my lungs and clouds of white appear with each breath.   Winter in the forest with no leaves provides the whispers of the branches and twigs brushing against each other in the breeze whispering a song of anticipation and patience for the new life of spring. I relax from the daily chores and challenges of achieving or just doing
the “to-do” list.  There is a serenity to winter moments that is a respite from the spring,  summer and fall. 

Each of us need a time to refresh and rebuild our energy for a new year.