Sky Blue

Sky Blue,
     On a hill or should I say
     Nestled amongst the hills.

Within a hardwood forest
      Amongst the trees
      With no leaves.

I listen to the stillness
      And whispers of the breeze.

It moves my soul
     From the hustle and bustle
     To the quiet calm serenity.

Originally written:  March 29, 1999

The sky can be so blue. The clouds so white and fluffy. The air crisp to my lungs and clouds of white appear with each breath.   Winter in the forest with no leaves provides the whispers of the branches and twigs brushing against each other in the breeze whispering a song of anticipation and patience for the new life of spring. I relax from the daily chores and challenges of achieving or just doing
the “to-do” list.  There is a serenity to winter moments that is a respite from the spring,  summer and fall. 

Each of us need a time to refresh and rebuild our energy for a new year.

3 responses to “Sky Blue

  1. Lovely poem. Every season has it’s joys. Which season inspires you the most re: writing poetry?

    • Interesting question.. Hmmmm Autumn for the changes in trees and weather. Winter the time of waiting and anticipating renewal. Spring is the beginning of new life. Summer walking in the rain and in the forests or mountains. The choices seem to be spring and autumn. I am thinking spring, but as I write that autumn has a pull on me. Call it the rythm of life. I have 6 volumns of handwritten prose. I just scanned thru 1998 into 2000. Spring winds out in the number of entries.

  2. Отличная статья! большое спасибо автору за интересный материал. Удачи в развитии!!! 🙂

    English translation: Excellent clause! Many thanks to the author for an interesting material. Success in development!!!

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