From the First Note…

From the first note
When the conductor brings his baton down,

To the last echo of a note
After the conductor drops his arms.

The notes and melody drop into my mind
As rain drops into the near by water pond,

Creating ripples and ever-widening circles of waves.
Sinking and melding with my soul,

Joining and changing the unseen
Notes within the liquid page.

Originally written April 7, 1999
This was actually written during a performance of the
San Francisco Symphony at Davies Hall.  My wife and I
had season tickets to open rehearsal events.  We could
not afford tickets to normal matinée or evening performances
so we attended open rehearsal.  It was a fabulous
learning experience. 

Over the course of 15 years the conductors and musicians
educated me to fine music performances.  It was a very
unique learning experience.  We heard the conductor ask
for minor changes and then hear the difference he made.
We could hear the conversation between musician and
conductor to understand a particular phrasing of  the
conductor’s interpretation of the music score.

The music over the years covered every type of
philharmonic compositions.  I have grown from un-initiated
to one who appreciates a variety of styles of orchestral
music.  I can feel some types of music deep inside
sometimes relaxing and sometimes exciting my energies.

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