What Happened to You?

What happened to you my friend?

I have missed your presence.

Oh, where have you gone?

When will you return?

I want you to know
You are an integral part of my life.

I am out of sorts due to your absence.

I beg you, please return soon.

Sleep, oh sleep where have you gone?

Originally written:  May 21. 1999
I wrote this when I was missing a lot of sleep because of work. 
These words came to me and would not go away.  I had to
write them down.  

Yes, the stress at work went away.  Sleep returned to normal.
Whew… thank goodness.

4 responses to “What Happened to You?

  1. Love this ode to insomnia.

  2. Sleep-you don’t realize how precious it is until it’s gone.

    • @Layla & @Marty Very true. I had to learn the hard way. I never had trouble sleeping until I became a manager of people. Then the worries and sleepless nights began. I regained my ability to sleep several years later when I returrned to non-management role. Of course there were sleepless nights for my kids issues but that usually was just a night or two. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Enjoyed this one a lot, Frank, especially the surprise ending.

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