From Here to There

  • From there to here.
    • Then here to there.
  • Sometimes a new there.
    • A new place becomes here.


Originally written:   July 17, 1999

I heard these words  in mind was somehow fascinated in the play on words.  They struck me funny.  Then I began to think about them on a deeper level and found a basic truth in them.    We are constantly moving through our lives – from where we were to where we are.    Whether that is physical or mental.    Sometimes we move back there.

2 responses to “From Here to There

  1. How lovely-ly true! (Excuse me for making up my own words :)).

    There’s only ‘here’ and ‘there’ in relation to our point of reference. But if we could hold infinite points of reference simultaneously (as is reputed to be the vision of god i.e. our fully awakened and enlightened self), then there would be neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’. There would be just !

    Meanwhile, we must make do with words that so inadequately ‘point at the moon’ and that are so often mistaken for the moon! Horrors!!!

    Beautiful truth captured beautifully in so few words! Great stuff, Frank!

  2. love the simplicity and veracity.

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