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The Skeletons are Back

  • The skeletons are back,
    • Their clothing shed for another season.
  • Their bare limbs stretching skyward,
    • Reaching, reaching to touch the clouds.
  • The darkness of their bodies standing
    • Against the blueness after a cleaning rain.
  • The whiteness of their bones standing
    • Against the black night sky with a full moon.
  • The skeletons stand free
    • Or in a group waving with the gentle breezes.
  • They await the warmth of spring
    • And the newness of life.
  • Patient are the buds of spring
    • Waiting to sprout forth in the newness.
  • I, too, await the warmth of spring
    • And newness of life.

Originally written:  December 1, 1999

  • I have seen the brilliance of autumn turn to brown.  With the
    stong winds of late autumn fall to earth to provide the food
    for new life.  The trees shedding their leaves bares the
    skeleton trunks and branches.  They are quiet now and
     patiently awaiting the new spring.  It is a time for me to be
    quiet and like the trees strengthen my roots for next spring. It
    is my time to look inside to learn and grow. It is time to take
    stock of all I am and look to the future. 

A Stone Wall

I saw a stone wall,
And marvelled at the hands
That built it.

I saw a mountain,
And marvelled
At GOD’s handiwork.

I saw my own hands,
And marvelled
And said thank you!

Originally written:   November 21, 1999

I have marvelled at what minds and hands can create.  I am humbled by
the words on paper that appear from the ink of my fountain pen. The
words speak thoughts that are created in my mind unbidden.  The thoughts 
have a life of their own.  The written words seem to come into their own
as they appear on the paper.   I am grateful for the gifts received.

MMMmmm My Daydreams

I close my eyes
       And daydream.

I am walking slowly
     Listening to the breeze
     Gently moving the pine needles.

I hear the creaking
     Of the tree limbs
     As they wave back and forth.

I hear the squirrel
     Scolding me
     For disturbing him.

I feel the peacefulness
     Of the forest
     And melt into the tranquility
     Of the moment.

Originally written:  November 21, 1999

Daydreaming! Oh-h-h, Ah-h-h the pleasure of daydreaming!
I can go anywhere at anytime.  I can be within the loving
arms of the forest or my lover.  I can travel any distance
within a wink of time.  I visit places and moments in my past
that has been retained in this scramble of memory I have.
It is a jumble of memories filled with wonders and the  mundane.
It surprises me what is trapped within and randomly retrieved
at random moments.

Traveling Beyond Boundaries


There are moments, some more extended than others.

     I slip free of my confines.
     I travel freely beyond boundaries.

It is then I travel beyond limits.
     I am the observer, the student.
     absorbing and melding with
     And into new surroundings.

In the intensity of these moments,
     I learn, I experience, even revel.

Yet upon return, I am grateful
     For the confines,
     My own personal bottle of aging wine,
     Not vinegar.

I travel on,
     Moment to moment
     Savoring each.

I travel on,
     Sharing and caring
     Savoring each.

I travel on,
     Alone or together
     Savoring each.

Originally written:   November 10, 1999

There is a distinct pleasure in meditation and flying free of my limitations.

Love Marks My Boundaries

Love marks my boundaries.
It expresses my limits.

I am graced,
And blessed by love.

My interactions with others,
And even myself
Are based upon love.

I tend to be forgetful
Of hurts received.

Anger passes quickly
Into oblivion beyond the mist of memory.

I am graced and thankful
For this wonderous gift.

I am humbled
By my fragile gift,

For love has provided the rudder
Of my life and conscience.

Originally written:   November 10, 1999

This poem expresses my gratefulness for a short memory
of hurts endured and a long memory for hurts pressed on
others.    At the moment this was written I was overwhelmed
by the feeling of just how lucky I was to have anger pass
quickly and hurtful memories excised by unknown hands
from my conscienceness.  I am also aware of how fragile love
can be, while at the same time stand up to the most horrendous
oppression.  It is just two elements of love that astounds my
mind.    Love has been a guiding force in my life.

Thank you to all that have gifted me with their love and care.
My apologies to all who I have hurt.  I humbly ask your pardon.

My Essence

My essence is my soul.
My soul is my essence.

All my deeds,
All my desires.

Yes, even my thoughts,
Done or not done.

They are part of my essence.
They are my soul.

The very essence
Of my existence.

Like wine in the bottle,
So too, my soul, my essence,

Is in a physical bottle
Of flesh and blood.

I have felt the edges.
I have felt the walls.

Yes, I am contained,
Constrained within a fragile casing.

I could say; Of flesh and Blood
For that too is true.

Yet, I write of and have recognized
Another set of walls.

My essence and I are at home
Within the confines.

Of my morals, my experiences, my beliefs,
And even my desires.

Underlying all is love.
Each of us are confined to this home.

Originally written:   November 10, 1999

I Am

I am afraid,
   Yet confident.

I am a man
   With foibles.

At times I am
   Even unholy.

At other times
   I am even un-perfect.

I am afraid
   My prayers are un-heard.

I am a man
   Confident they are heard.

Originally written:  July 23,  1999

A day of introspection yielded a view of myself.   I accept I am
not perfect.  I am a normal human being with imperfections
that make me unique.  Unique within my imperfections. 

Each of us are imperfect in our own way. I am not justifying
imperfection, just acknowledging observations.  I am trying to
eliminate each failing and turn it into a positive.  It is a
continuing task with occasional setbacks.  

For my imperfections I beg pardon.  For my strengths I am
humbled and thankful for those who have helped improve
my failings.