I Am

I am afraid,
   Yet confident.

I am a man
   With foibles.

At times I am
   Even unholy.

At other times
   I am even un-perfect.

I am afraid
   My prayers are un-heard.

I am a man
   Confident they are heard.

Originally written:  July 23,  1999

A day of introspection yielded a view of myself.   I accept I am
not perfect.  I am a normal human being with imperfections
that make me unique.  Unique within my imperfections. 

Each of us are imperfect in our own way. I am not justifying
imperfection, just acknowledging observations.  I am trying to
eliminate each failing and turn it into a positive.  It is a
continuing task with occasional setbacks.  

For my imperfections I beg pardon.  For my strengths I am
humbled and thankful for those who have helped improve
my failings.

4 responses to “I Am

  1. Frank, one of my favorite quotes is by a Jesuit priest/counselor:

    Where there is nothing to compare it with, every moment is perfect.

    My belief is that ‘god’ is the sum total of everything. There is nothing outside ‘god’. All possibilities therefore exist within god which is also, for me, a metaphor for love, for life, for ALL-ness, WHOLE-ness, COMPLETE-ness.

    Consequently, perfection and imperfections are interpretations of a mind that has been conditioned to see and value things in particular ways.

    I’d rather see everything as perfect but not always useful wrt a particular goal that I have set for myself. And I like to choose goals that are motivated by feelings of love and joy and peace and freedom rather than ones motivated by fear or guilt or (self-)doubt etc.

    I find that this way of living my life spares me the tyranny of imposed morality and helps me take a very pragmatic and loving approach. Of course, I don’t always act on loving and freeing motivations but I no longer see this an an imperfection on my part. It’s no more and no less one of the possibilities that have manifested in the field of infinite (and perfect :)) possibilities and I am free to choose other possibilities.

    Oops, I hope I haven’t said too much…I often don’t know what I’m going to say until I say it 🙂

  2. This is a lovely observation Frank on ‘self-acceptance’. If we can accept ourselves, with all our human frailities then we can also accept others.
    To truly love another, the journey has to start with loving ourselves, exactly as we are.

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