My Essence

My essence is my soul.
My soul is my essence.

All my deeds,
All my desires.

Yes, even my thoughts,
Done or not done.

They are part of my essence.
They are my soul.

The very essence
Of my existence.

Like wine in the bottle,
So too, my soul, my essence,

Is in a physical bottle
Of flesh and blood.

I have felt the edges.
I have felt the walls.

Yes, I am contained,
Constrained within a fragile casing.

I could say; Of flesh and Blood
For that too is true.

Yet, I write of and have recognized
Another set of walls.

My essence and I are at home
Within the confines.

Of my morals, my experiences, my beliefs,
And even my desires.

Underlying all is love.
Each of us are confined to this home.

Originally written:   November 10, 1999

5 responses to “My Essence

  1. I really enjoyed “My Essence” Thank you
    Peace to you,

  2. “Underlying all is love.
    Each of us are confined to this home.”

    Absolutely adore this. Thank you Frank.

  3. My walls of beliefs are completely demolished in some places but only gradually wearing down in others. Sometimes, I wish it would break down quicker but it must be because I am not yet ready for the freedom that this will reveal! What an exciting thing it is though for the spirit is, in essence, free!

  4. Much appreciated balm for the spirit and fits my blog entry today!

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