Love Marks My Boundaries

Love marks my boundaries.
It expresses my limits.

I am graced,
And blessed by love.

My interactions with others,
And even myself
Are based upon love.

I tend to be forgetful
Of hurts received.

Anger passes quickly
Into oblivion beyond the mist of memory.

I am graced and thankful
For this wonderous gift.

I am humbled
By my fragile gift,

For love has provided the rudder
Of my life and conscience.

Originally written:   November 10, 1999

This poem expresses my gratefulness for a short memory
of hurts endured and a long memory for hurts pressed on
others.    At the moment this was written I was overwhelmed
by the feeling of just how lucky I was to have anger pass
quickly and hurtful memories excised by unknown hands
from my conscienceness.  I am also aware of how fragile love
can be, while at the same time stand up to the most horrendous
oppression.  It is just two elements of love that astounds my
mind.    Love has been a guiding force in my life.

Thank you to all that have gifted me with their love and care.
My apologies to all who I have hurt.  I humbly ask your pardon.

2 responses to “Love Marks My Boundaries

  1. Having the passage of time (over ten years) reinforces the power of this poem. LOVEly.

  2. This is beautiful Frank.
    I often read the prayer of St francis which tells me to love rather than seek to be loved; to forgive rather than be forgiven; to understand rather than seek to be understood;
    It’s a good maxim to aspire to.
    Smiles and blessings

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