MMMmmm My Daydreams

I close my eyes
       And daydream.

I am walking slowly
     Listening to the breeze
     Gently moving the pine needles.

I hear the creaking
     Of the tree limbs
     As they wave back and forth.

I hear the squirrel
     Scolding me
     For disturbing him.

I feel the peacefulness
     Of the forest
     And melt into the tranquility
     Of the moment.

Originally written:  November 21, 1999

Daydreaming! Oh-h-h, Ah-h-h the pleasure of daydreaming!
I can go anywhere at anytime.  I can be within the loving
arms of the forest or my lover.  I can travel any distance
within a wink of time.  I visit places and moments in my past
that has been retained in this scramble of memory I have.
It is a jumble of memories filled with wonders and the  mundane.
It surprises me what is trapped within and randomly retrieved
at random moments.

3 responses to “MMMmmm My Daydreams

  1. Excellent job! Daydreaming can be a useful vehicle for solving many of the problems we face and can help us to reduce unnecessary stress.

  2. Daydreaming has always been one of my favorite states of mind. It’s a useful tool to bridge dreams and reality.

  3. What a delightful daydream-so full of the quiet, soothing rustlings of nature.

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