A Stone Wall

I saw a stone wall,
And marvelled at the hands
That built it.

I saw a mountain,
And marvelled
At GOD’s handiwork.

I saw my own hands,
And marvelled
And said thank you!

Originally written:   November 21, 1999

I have marvelled at what minds and hands can create.  I am humbled by
the words on paper that appear from the ink of my fountain pen. The
words speak thoughts that are created in my mind unbidden.  The thoughts 
have a life of their own.  The written words seem to come into their own
as they appear on the paper.   I am grateful for the gifts received.

2 responses to “A Stone Wall

  1. I had this vision in my mind the other day. I was in indescribable awe of the fact that I exist. That I was having this experience of being ‘me’ and having all the adventures that I’d experienced thus far and of creating new ones.

    I mean, how did I get here? How did any of this happen? Whose hands were responsible? And then I had the sense that at some ‘point’, I must have desired my physical life and so it came to be.

    But what was this ‘point’? Was it a moment in time? Or was it a point of focus in a timeless, eternal ground of being? I kinda think it must be the latter.

    Your poem triggered this memory and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it 🙂

    • @TBT Do I mind you sharing your feelings? ABSOLUTELY NOT! “The indescribable awe” are the perfect words to describe the feeling I was having when I wrote and updated this poem. I have walked this path in awe and gratitude of the gifts received. I try to humbly accept them and love to share them for whatever others can draw from them. I try to honor the gift giver along the way.

      It seems we are traveling a similar paths. I hope your journey is as exciting and enjoyable as mine has been.

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