The Skeletons are Back

  • The skeletons are back,
    • Their clothing shed for another season.
  • Their bare limbs stretching skyward,
    • Reaching, reaching to touch the clouds.
  • The darkness of their bodies standing
    • Against the blueness after a cleaning rain.
  • The whiteness of their bones standing
    • Against the black night sky with a full moon.
  • The skeletons stand free
    • Or in a group waving with the gentle breezes.
  • They await the warmth of spring
    • And the newness of life.
  • Patient are the buds of spring
    • Waiting to sprout forth in the newness.
  • I, too, await the warmth of spring
    • And newness of life.

Originally written:  December 1, 1999

  • I have seen the brilliance of autumn turn to brown.  With the
    stong winds of late autumn fall to earth to provide the food
    for new life.  The trees shedding their leaves bares the
    skeleton trunks and branches.  They are quiet now and
     patiently awaiting the new spring.  It is a time for me to be
    quiet and like the trees strengthen my roots for next spring. It
    is my time to look inside to learn and grow. It is time to take
    stock of all I am and look to the future. 

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