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I Am Listening Lord

I am listening Lord.
I quiet my body.
     I still my mind.

I am listening Lord.

I feel your gentle breath
     Touch my cheeks.

I hear your heralds,
    The crickets, and the robins.

I smell your presence
     In the incense of jasmine.

I am listening Lord.

I open my heart
     Your voices touch
     Where none have gone before.

Originally written:   March 6, 2000

This was written as part of meditations I perform
to relax from hard days and get centered.  This
psalm just flows nicely reminding me to listen to
my inner self.  It prepares me for another day
at work.

Series of Choices

Life is a series of choices,
     Made or not made.

And the consequences,
     Always the consequences,

Our foot path is directed,
     By choices and consequences.

It may meander
     Or go straight.

Yet, one thing is sure,
     Choices to be made or not made.

Our lives change with each,
     For good or ill.

Knowledge is gathered,
     And strewn along the foot path.

Originally written:   March 6, 2000

A life lived is a life defined by our actions
and inaction.   A life is forever changed
by small insignificant changes as well as
the major decisions.   The little changes
appear over time as more and more of
them accumulate.   Then, one a question
appears in your mind, “How did I get here
from there?”   The answer sometimes is not
obvious until the little changes are taken
into account.  

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes
     And slow my breathing.

I shift my mind
     From every day to meditation.

The sight and touch of you
     Drifts into my thoughts.

My heart beat slows
     And a warm glow envelopes me.

I linger with these beautiful
     Moments of secret bliss.

I treasure the memories
     We have created.

I anticipate the creation
    Of new experiences shared with you!

Originally written:   February 26, 2000

A poem  written about and to a friend, a lover,  and a wife.

First Moments

I savor the first moments
     Of wakefulness.

Those first minutes
     Of conscienceness.

I hear your gentle breathing
     Of sleep.

I feel the warmth
     Of your body cuddled close.

I experience anew
     Our love and tenderness.

I try to extend
     These precious moments.

Yet, like the sand
     In the hour glass.

The morning triumphs
     Over my meager efforts.

And I dream of tomorrow!

Originally written:   February 26, 2000

The first moments of wakefulness are precious indeed.  These are
treasured moments to innocently and quietly listen to my beloveds
breathing.  I examine how we have cuddled close together during a night
of slumber.  I encourage anyone who has missed these moments
to capture them and keep them forever.

My Search

Each Day I awake
     And begin the search anew.

Each evening I return
     To my bed task unfinished.

It is an endless search
     For the meaning of life.

I watch and listen
     To friends and foes.

The path is sometimes
     Joyous and other times painful.

Each step is a
     Learning experience.

I grow in patience and love,
     And hopefully humility too.
Originally written:   February 20, 2000

I now believe this poem is one that can be said each day of my past life and each
day of any future days granted to me.  The poem contains hope and promise.  It is
about change and growth.  At the same time it is about living a life of thanksgiving.

Sharing Increases Lifes Value

It is in sharing
     That life’s value increases

I have missed
     So many opportunities

I am shy by nature
     So reaching out is exercise.

I learn so much by sharing.
     I give away self and gain in giving.

Originally written:  February 16, 2000

There was a moment when I was embarrassed by the opportunities I
have missed to reach out to others and share with others.  It was hard
for me to reach out and talk to others.  I was epitome of the wallflower. 
I walked into a party room and turned left and found the nearest open
chair. I could hardly eat the food or drink the liquid refreshment.  I would
not dance unless forced.   I was shy and thought I really did not belong
in the party.  I knew I would mess up something and embarrass myself
and others.   Okay enough of this introduction to one of my prior life.

Along the way I acquired significant skills as a programmer and with that
skill came some pride and passion.   I accepted a challenge to take a
management position to fix some major problems.   I learned through
Must Do and Must Have Skill situations to be able to command audiences
and executive meetings.   Along the way I learned sharing experiences
and feelings provided special learning experiences and expanded my
comfort zones.   Along the way of doing the Must Dos I changed from an
extreme introvert to be able to function well as a leader in any environment. 
I learned I gained the most by sharing and giving to others.