Sharing Increases Lifes Value

It is in sharing
     That life’s value increases

I have missed
     So many opportunities

I am shy by nature
     So reaching out is exercise.

I learn so much by sharing.
     I give away self and gain in giving.

Originally written:  February 16, 2000

There was a moment when I was embarrassed by the opportunities I
have missed to reach out to others and share with others.  It was hard
for me to reach out and talk to others.  I was epitome of the wallflower. 
I walked into a party room and turned left and found the nearest open
chair. I could hardly eat the food or drink the liquid refreshment.  I would
not dance unless forced.   I was shy and thought I really did not belong
in the party.  I knew I would mess up something and embarrass myself
and others.   Okay enough of this introduction to one of my prior life.

Along the way I acquired significant skills as a programmer and with that
skill came some pride and passion.   I accepted a challenge to take a
management position to fix some major problems.   I learned through
Must Do and Must Have Skill situations to be able to command audiences
and executive meetings.   Along the way I learned sharing experiences
and feelings provided special learning experiences and expanded my
comfort zones.   Along the way of doing the Must Dos I changed from an
extreme introvert to be able to function well as a leader in any environment. 
I learned I gained the most by sharing and giving to others.

One response to “Sharing Increases Lifes Value

  1. Sharing is truly beautiful and life-giving or should I say, ‘life-allowing’ :).

    I have held an intention for some time now to ‘give’ freely and generously and joyously and fearlessly. A couple of days ago, I was holding this intention even more deliberately and consciously. Less than an hour later, I found myself reading these words: “Give beyond reason”.

    Wow! Wouldn’t I just love to do that always!

    In the meantime, it’s wonderful to read about how you’ve become more free. Shyness is restricting. Being free allows us to share without being too concerned about how or if what we share or give is received. As some wise person once said: The gift is in the giving 🙂

    Great sharing Frank 🙂

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