First Moments

I savor the first moments
     Of wakefulness.

Those first minutes
     Of conscienceness.

I hear your gentle breathing
     Of sleep.

I feel the warmth
     Of your body cuddled close.

I experience anew
     Our love and tenderness.

I try to extend
     These precious moments.

Yet, like the sand
     In the hour glass.

The morning triumphs
     Over my meager efforts.

And I dream of tomorrow!

Originally written:   February 26, 2000

The first moments of wakefulness are precious indeed.  These are
treasured moments to innocently and quietly listen to my beloveds
breathing.  I examine how we have cuddled close together during a night
of slumber.  I encourage anyone who has missed these moments
to capture them and keep them forever.

One response to “First Moments

  1. I also love those first moments. The slate wiped clean, and life all fresh and new again.

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