Series of Choices

Life is a series of choices,
     Made or not made.

And the consequences,
     Always the consequences,

Our foot path is directed,
     By choices and consequences.

It may meander
     Or go straight.

Yet, one thing is sure,
     Choices to be made or not made.

Our lives change with each,
     For good or ill.

Knowledge is gathered,
     And strewn along the foot path.

Originally written:   March 6, 2000

A life lived is a life defined by our actions
and inaction.   A life is forever changed
by small insignificant changes as well as
the major decisions.   The little changes
appear over time as more and more of
them accumulate.   Then, one a question
appears in your mind, “How did I get here
from there?”   The answer sometimes is not
obvious until the little changes are taken
into account.  

2 responses to “Series of Choices

  1. So true. I’m often reminded that not making a choice, is also a choice.

  2. You know Frank, life never turns out the way we planned does it? I love the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ where a story is given 2 separate outcomes dependent on one single choice the person makes.
    I have made some truly lousy choices in my life and today live with the consequences – hopefully a little wiser, a little more compassionate towards others who I now see keep on getting it wrong!
    Smiles and blessings

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