I Am Listening Lord

I am listening Lord.
I quiet my body.
     I still my mind.

I am listening Lord.

I feel your gentle breath
     Touch my cheeks.

I hear your heralds,
    The crickets, and the robins.

I smell your presence
     In the incense of jasmine.

I am listening Lord.

I open my heart
     Your voices touch
     Where none have gone before.

Originally written:   March 6, 2000

This was written as part of meditations I perform
to relax from hard days and get centered.  This
psalm just flows nicely reminding me to listen to
my inner self.  It prepares me for another day
at work.

4 responses to “I Am Listening Lord

  1. Frank, this is beautiful. I have copied it out long-hand into the front of my Daily Meditation book. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    I know when i am disturbed, when the feelings of anxiety start, everything on the inside feels jumpy.. it is then when I have to take myself off somewhere and just slow my breathing, focus on being still and listening for that inner voice that I can only hear in the silence.
    Bless you.

    • @Juliana – These poems came from my meditation journal. From mine to yours now that is a compliment. Thank you. I have 2 more journals to type into this website. I hope you will enjoy the new ones as well.

  2. Beautiful, Frank! I love the line: “I hear your heralds/The crickets, and the robins.” A soothing and grateful meditation.

    • Marty, It is when we quiet ourselves inside we can hear the voices of those around us. I crave those moments, but they are so rare. I am usually wrapped up into “things to do.” What a shame. Thank you for your thoughts.

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