In the Sharing of My Soul

It is in the sharing
Of my soul.

I feel an intimacy
Close to ecstasy.

It is then,
Two feel as one.

Yet, I approach
With caution.

Yes, caution
Born of experience.

Originally written:  April 12, 2000
It is in those moments when we share our souls
we are the closest, intertwined two as one.  Yet,
these moments are not for the jaded or to be 
taken lightly.   One must never misuse the
sharing of souls.    There are consequences for
all things good and bad.  Thus it is advisable
to avoid the peril of misusing another.

5 responses to “In the Sharing of My Soul

  1. Well written. Very meaningful words in such a small space. And the commentary… is good advise.

  2. I guess there is always the possibility that the other may ‘misuse’ what we have shared with them in good faith. I can say this though: there have been times when I was dead set certain that someone had done something with less than pure intentions causing me to feel unbearably hurt…only to find out later that their intentions were not what I’d construed them to be.

    It’s made me realize that how I see things is a result of what I believe about the other’s intentions and I prefer to *err* on the side of assuming their best intentions rather than their worst. It keeps me happy 🙂

  3. Frank, I feel you are always sharing your soul here, and doing it with tenderness and great courage.

  4. Frank, keep sharing your soul food. It nourishes and no added calories 😉 Btw, I wish you’d post your relevant poem from RBU or did I miss it?

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